BTA takes Tadında Anadolu, Kantin and TickerDaze brands to Bodrum

BTA takes Tadında Anadolu, Kantin and TickerDaze brands to Bodrum

Being one of the leading players of food and beverage industry, BTA has put new branches of Tadında Anadolu that brings the Anatolian recipes back to the tables, TickerDaze, the tasty and pleasant way to make use of the time well, and Kantin that offers street flavors in an elite environment, into service at the Domestic Terminal of Milas Bodrum Airport.

BTA, one of the prominent players of food and beverage sector, has opened new branches of Tadında Anadolu, TickerDaze and Kantin brands at the Domestic Terminal of Milas Bodrum Airport, the favorite destination of both local and foreign tourists. Being one of the busiest airports during the summer season, Milas Bodrum Airport continues to offer various flavors to its guests and also invites them to have different experiences with these authentic concepts.

Bodrum visitors are going to enjoy BTA flavors
Evaluating the openings at Bodrum, BTA CEO Sadettin Cesur stated, "We are glad to include Milas Bodrum Airport to the portfolio of airports that BTA is operational. We have three different concepts at different locations of the airport, which is quite busy, particularly during the summer seasons. We are going to provide service to the guests on a large area at Milas Bodrum Airport with Tadında Anadolu and TickerDaze at the air side and Kantin at the land side."

Anatolian cuisines to local and foreign tourists...
Bringing many authentic recipes and distinctive flavors of Anatolia that are sinking into oblivion back to the tables, Tadında Anadolu will be welcoming regulars, who are leaving for or coming back from holiday and love to experience different flavors. Having a seating capacity of 36 people on an area of 124 sqm, Tadında Anadolu will be a "tasty" stop for foreign tourists arriving at Bodrum to meet Anatolian cuisines, for local tourists to remember the zesty dishes of Anatolian and even to stop by and shop for the Anatolian flavors before they are leaving the airport for their summer houses.

TickerDaze: A pleasant way to spend time at the airport
TickerDaze, one of the newest brands of BTA, offers a cozy environment with appealing fast food options. TickerDaze offers appetizers as well as large plates that can be shared. Providing service to the tables, TickerDaze creates an ideal concept for the guests to enjoy their times with chatting and dining. Increasing the number of its regulars day by day with its concept, enriched by sportive touches, and the delicious menu, this cozy environment, which has a seating capacity of 130 people on an area of 200 sqm, is designed for the guests to enjoy their waiting times at the airport before and after their holidays in Bodrum.


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