UPDATE: Daylight Saving Time

UPDATE: Daylight Saving Time

Due to a recent decision by the Turkish Council of Ministers, the switch to daylight savings time has been postponed to March 31, 2014 from March 30, 2014. Based on the decision by the Turkish Council of Ministers, for Turkish Airlines tickets, 30 March 2014 dated, bought before February 24, 2014 the time listed on the ticket for arrivals and departures from Turkey will be one hour earlier than the actual flight time.

For all tickets bought on and after February 24, the flight time will be as listed and passengers will be totally unaffected by these changes. For all other destinations, there will not be any change since the local time will remain as scheduled.

For all transit passengers that have domestic or international connecting flights in Turkey, flight connection times will remain as scheduled, because all Turkish Airlines’ flights departing on March 30 will depart/arrive from/to destinations in Turkey 1 hour earlier than is shown on purchased tickets.

Not to be affected by probable disruptions, passengers traveling out of Turkey are kindly requested to arrive at their airport at least 2 hours before scheduled departure times for all domestic flights, and at least 3 hours before scheduled departure times for all international flights.

We recommend that all passengers travelling on March 30, 2014 double-check their correct flight times on the websites of airlines company or through related sales offices or call centers.

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Shopping & Dining

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Flight Information

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Visa Office is located at the International Terminal Arrivals Floor, before the passport control (on the west side). It is open 24/7. Tel no: 0 252 511 1131
For detailed information on customs procedures you can either visit www.gumruk.gov.tr or call +90 252 511 1000 Ext.: 1765.
There is no connection between the two terminals; it is a 5-minute walk.
There is a shop at the exit of arriving passengers at the domestic terminal.
Ministry of Finance departure fee stamp can be purchased from the information desk located at the international terminal departures floor.

For further information on departure fee stamp, please contact: 0 252 511 10 00

Note: The departure fee stamp payment must be made before the passport control.

Please go to Tax-free desks located on the international terminal departures floor to complete the required transactions.
TAV Lost & Found offices provide service 24/7 at the information desks of domestic and international terminals.

Telephone: 0252 511 10 00

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