For your own safety, please prepare your luggage yourself or witness them prepared in your presence. Please pay utmost attention to check all the closed packages and boxes while preparing your luggage. Under no circumstances accept any packages that you are asked to deliver to someone else if you don’t know its contents. Make sure you have information from the airline company regarding the prohibited items on your flight. Some substances may be prohibited in checked-in or unchecked-in luggage according to the country of origin or destination. Please ask for details while purchasing your ticket. Carry your valuable items such as jewelries, mobile phones, laptops, documents, etc. in your hand luggage. Your baggage may not be accepted on board if:

• It may endanger the aircraft, passengers or other cargo on board,

• It is not packed properly and securely,

• It contains items prohibited by the laws and regulations of the origin, destination or transit countries,

• It does not comply with the specified size restrictions. Make sure to learn from your airline company the weight limits applicable for luggage and the destination point you need to label your luggage. Double check this information from your ticket.

Please learn about dimension and weight limits for cabin luggage. Make sure you have labels on your luggage that can be obtained from airline desks containing information such as your name / surname, phone number and address information. Do not leave labels from previous flights on your baggage.

Please do not forget that goods wrapped in sacks, plastic bags, tins, and plastic barrels are not classified as safe luggage, therefore will not be accepted on board either as cargo or hand luggage.

Sharp, abrasive and explosive items such as jack-knives, knives, nail clippers and lighters are considered dangerous for security reasons therefore not allowed on board. Make sure you do not have such items in your luggage.

Please remember that you will need to pay your airline company for any extra luggage over the specified limits.

Check the information on the labels given to you for your luggage. Do not take the responsibility of any luggage that is not your own.

Please kindly apply to Lost & Found Office of the Ground Handling Service Providers (TGS, HAVAŞ, ÇELEBİ) of the related airline company for any missing luggage or damages that can be immediately notices at the destination, before leaving the airport. Please present your flight ticket, baggage labels and ID during your applications.

We wish you a safe and pleasant flight.

TAV Milas Bodrum Terminal İşletmeciliği A.Ş.

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Shopping & Dining

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Flight Information

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, Luggage Custody Service is not available.
Please click here for details on liquid restrictions.
Visa Office is located at the International Terminal Arrivals Floor, before the passport control (on the west side). It is open 24/7. Tel no: 0 252 511 1131
For detailed information on customs procedures you can either visit or call +90 252 511 1000 Ext.: 1765.
There is no connection between the two terminals; it is a 5-minute walk.
There is a shop at the exit of arriving passengers at the domestic terminal.
Ministry of Finance departure fee stamp can be purchased from the information desk located at the international terminal departures floor.

For further information on departure fee stamp, please contact: 0 252 511 10 00

Note: The departure fee stamp payment must be made before the passport control.

Please go to Tax-free desks located on the international terminal departures floor to complete the required transactions.
TAV Lost & Found offices provide service 24/7 at the information desks of domestic and international terminals.

Telephone: 0252 511 10 00

There is no hairdresser service in our terminals.