Ethics and Compliance

Ethics and Compliance

The Code of Conduct is the core and main step for our Ethics & Compliance Program, and it is our foundational charter and shows our principles that every employee is expected to follow, regardless of their job, title, or location. The Code of Conduct covers all ADP Group employees, as well as third parties, including their suppliers, partners, and customers, to work ethically and legally.

The Code of Conduct aims to summarize the principles set out in our policies and regulations.

This Policy is not intended to describe every situation in detail. The points which are in the guideline are a guide to what is the proper behavior.

You may access our Code of Conduct via the link.
If necessary, updates can be made to the Policy.

*ADP Group: Since TAV Airports Holding and its subsidiaries are part of the ADP Group, they are within the scope of this Policy.

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