Friday, April 7th, 2017 Milas-Bodrum Airport welcomes the first flight arriving from Israel

Operated by TAV Airports, Milas-Bodrum Airport welcomed the first flight of Freebird Airlines arriving from Tel-Aviv with a ceremony.

Operated by TAV Airports, Turkey's global brand in airport operations, Milas-Bodrum Airport greeted the first passengers arriving from Tel-Aviv, Israel, on the flight of Freebird Airlines with a welcoming ceremony. Approximately 180 passengers arriving at the airport on an Airbus A320 were presented flowers by TAV Milas-Bodrum officials. The welcoming ceremony was attended by Milas-Bodrum Airport State Airports Authority Director Kemal Daştan and TAV Milas-Bodrum Chief Operations Officer Iclal Kayaoğlu.

AV Milas Bodrum Chief Operations Officer Iclal Kayaoğlu stated: “As soon as TAV Airports took over the operation of Milas-Bodrum Airport, one of the major tourism destinations in Turkey, TAV started to carry out intensive works to expand the flight network in Bodrum. TAV continues its promotional campaigns to increase particularly direct international flights to Bodrum in collaboration with local authorities and NGOs. We are glad to welcome our guests arriving at Bodrum from Israel after a long time. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our stakeholders who contributed the process. We will continue our efforts to have Bodrum got the recognition it deserves".

Brontes Travel Agency Bodrum Manager Yüksel Aslan stated: “Until 2009, Flying Carpet Tour Operator had hosted 40,000 Israeli guests in Bodrum per year. After a long while, we launched the first flight from Israel to Bodrum in collaboration with the Flying Carpet. In April, 14 flights will be launched. We are expecting an increase in the number of flights as from May. A promotional travel to Israel has been planned together with the hotel owners and trade bodies in Bodrum to be held between May 4th and 7th. I would like to thank BOYTAV (Bodrum Peninsula Promotion Foundation) Chairman and Bodrum Major Mehmet Kocadon, in particular, and also Yusuf Günaydın, M.D., on behalf of BODER (Bodrum Hotels Association) for their encouraging support. I wish that this new route will have the best outcome for our region".