Milas-Bodrum Airport welcomes Kiev flights of Yan Air

Milas-Bodrum Airport started hosting Kiev flights of Yan Air, a Ukrainian airline company.

Operated by TAV Airports, Turkey's global brand in airport operations, Milas-Bodrum Airport welcomed the first Kiev flight launched by Ukrainian Yan Air. Landed to Bodrum on Saturday, June 18th, at 5:30 PM, passengers and cabin crew arriving from Kiev on an MD-83 were welcomed by flowers. To celebrate the first flight of Yan Air, which has recently been included to Bodrum's flight network, TAV Milas-Bodrum officials organized a cocktail party and passengers were treated to a cake.

TAV Milas Bodrum Chief Operations Officer İclal Kayaoğlu stated: “Bodrum is amongst the most popular tourism centers in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions. We continue to organize promotional activities with the purpose of increasing the number of direct flights from our airport and welcoming more domestic and international visitors. Having recently joined our flight network in Milas-Bodrum, Yan Air started launching flights from Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine, which proves our success in the promotional activities. We are confident that we will be making considerable contributions to the regional tourism by sustaining our collaborations with the local authorities and NGOs."

Yan Air will perform direct reciprocal flights between Milas-Bodrum and Kiev once a week throughout the summer season.

Milas-Bodrum Airport hosts 52 airline companies launching domestic and international flights to a total of 79 destinations in 25 countries. Milas-Bodrum Airport hosted more than 26,000 flights in 2015 while providing service to 3.9 million passengers.